Congratulations to Shihan Alexandr Pichkunov

KWU General Secretary and SENSHI’s main referee – Shihan Alexandr Pichkunov, touched down in Bulgarian with a big smile on his face. Several days before the eighth edition of SENSHI fight nights, Pichkunov became a proud father of a newborn girl. That’s the second time Shihan Pichkunov becomes dad, with his first child being a boy.

The new member of the Kyokushin family was born on Monday. The proud parents gave her the beautiful name Sofia. The Russian karateka and kickboxing legend is one of the closest friends of the Bulgarian Kyokushin Karate Federation.

Shihan Pichkunov has always been in Bulgaria when there’s a SENSHI event. He’s one of the most frequent participants of the annual Summer International karate camps in Kamchiya, Bulgaria.

Shihan Pichkunov is once again in Sofia for the ongoing KWU International Professional League camp where he’s one of the main instructors alongside K-1 legends such as Semmy Schilt, Peter Aerts and Ernesto Hoost, as well as Bulgarian representatives Shihan Ivo Kamenov and Shihan Asen Asenov.


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Several hours after his wife Polina and his daughter Sofia were discharged from the hospital, Shihan Pichkunov got on a plane to Bulgaria’s capital city where he’ll be part of the KWU International camp and a chief referee of SENSHI 8.

Pichkunov began training in Kyokushin kaikan at age of thirteen in 1993. He became a black belt in 1999 and started training kickboxing a year later after being interested in watching K-1-competitions. He was the 3rd place in the 7th World Open Karate Tournament in Japan at the age of 20. He knocked out a very famous fighter Nicholas Pettas by a high kick (jodan mawashi geri)

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