CrossFit in China

China has the biggest population, estimated at 1.41 billion. It’s also the world’s second largest economy. Trends like CrossFit are hitting hard!

President Xi Jinping has made health and fitness one of the Communist Party’s top priorities. CrossFit has an app on WeChat, there is a website in Mandarin, and this year they will host two CrossFit Sanctionals, says “”.

In Chengdu after the 2019 CrossFit Games in August and one in Shanghai in late April.

“We’re definitely aware that their political system is quite different than ours, but that doesn’t really effect the way we conduct our business,” Russ Greene, the director of government relations and research for CrossFit said.

“The main point of this is it’s a massive conflict of interest. China is really at the forefront right now of how it is going to respond to this health crisis. And one option would be for it to continue going down this path of letting these Coke and Pepsi companies continue diverting and manipulating public health efforts to address chronic disease.”

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