Daniel Cormier wants Dana White to make Brock Lesnar fight happen

Daniel Cormier is an unabashed pro wrestling fanatic, so it’s no surprise that he was tuned in to WrestleMania 35 this past weekend.

However, the reigning UFC heavyweight champion also had practical reasons for being invested in the show. Former UFC star Brock Lesnar was appearing on the card as the WWE’s Universal Champion and after dropping that title to Seth Rollins and having his on-screen advocate Paul Heyman tease that Lesnar would “ultimately” be appreciated more in Las Vegas, the wheels once again seem to be creaking into motion for a Cormier-Lesnar fight that was hinted at all the way back at UFC 226.

Cormier would like to see that process accelerated and he told TMZ Sports that UFC president Dana White needs to get to work.

“Dana, get on the phone right now,” Cormier said. “If you haven’t called him yet, do it today. What are you waiting for? Let’s get this shit on the books. Let’s get this on the books.”

It’s worth noting that Lesnar’s return to the UFC has not been made official and this isn’t the first time that there have been rumors of Lesnar fighting again only to have them fizzle (the aforementioned UFC 226 confrontation between Cormier and Lesnar happened last July and Lesnar ended up continuing his run with the WWE).

However, Lesnar, a former UFC heavyweight champion himself, remains one of combat sports most well known names and has historically been a top draw in every organization he’s worked for, despite not fighting in the UFC since a decision win over Mark Hunt July 2016 and even that win later became a no contest when Lesnar tested positive for banned substances.

Cormier said he has “no idea” how close a Lesnar fight is to actually happening, but reiterated that it’s what he wants next.

“It’s the fight I want,” Cormier said. “I think everybody wants to fight Brock. We all want to fight Brock, so … that’s the fight. That’s the fight that needs to happen. He’s a former UFC champ, All-American in college, the guy is very, very deserving of a fight and he’s gonna get it. Hopefully.”

“Lick those wounds, because I’ve got some brand new ones waiting for you,” he added.

Watch the full clip below, where Cormier also talks about his son’s development as a wrestler:

Source: MMAfighting.com

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