Daniel Galabarov broke a tough Moldovian in his first SENSHI appearance

Bulgaria’s Daniel Galabarov defeated Moldova’s Ion Britchi via UD at SENSHI 7.

Both guys were making their debut under the SENSHI banner, as the fight was conducted under the KWU SENSHI rules in the +90 kg category.

The bout started calm and slowly with Britchi relying on his low kicks which kept the bigger Galabarov at distance. The Bulgarian fighter landed some nasty hooks that shooked the Moldovian up.

The second round began with a nice right-hand counterattack by the Bulgarian that knocked Britchi down. There was a delay of the fight soon after that because Galabarov landed an illicit low blow.

Britchi needed some time to recover and he got it, but once the fight was restarted, Ion’s nose got bloodied up from the power punches Galabarov was landing.

The final round was all in favor of the home crowd hero who was doing all kinds of things. The 30-year-old Bulgarian was placing great combinations and started landing some knees. It was clear he was looking for the KO, but Britchi’s iron chin pushed him through the final bell.

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