Dave Allen is in stable condition, hints at retirement from the hospital

The British heavyweight Dave Allen (17-5-2) lost his fight against his fellow countryman David Price (25-6) yesterday at O2 Arena in London.

The bout was on the undercard of Dillian Whyte – Oscar Rivas and Price got the W, securing the WBA Continental heavyweight title. The Liverpudlian outclassed the 27-years-old Allen and in the 10th round, his coach David Baker was forced to throw in the towel, pulling his guy out of the fight.

Soon after that Allen collapsed and was taken to hospital where he posted the following:

Meanwhile, the 36-years-old vet who was considered a huge underdog was more than happy to prove his doubters wrong Saturday night.

“I gestured at everyone after the fight and I’ll say it now, F*** you. F*** you, every one of them,’ he told IFL TV.

‘I’ve taken some stick off them. It’s been off the social media generation up Dave Allen’s arse.’

‘I’m still here,’ he continued. ‘I’ve just arrived again tonight in a different way. ‘I think the penny finally dropped tonight. I’ve turned a corner. I wanted to win on points tonight, but I’ve hurt a durable, tough man.

‘Obviously, hope he’s okay. I’ve been in that position before, in the ambulance.’

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