David Haye: Biggest upset since Tyson-Douglas (VIDEO)

The world of boxing witnessed one of the most shocking fights in the history of the sport this past Saturday night when the 29-years-old Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-1) defeated Anthony Joshua (22-1) at Madison Square Garden.

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The Mexican American TKO’d Joshua and a lot of jaws dropped wide open when referee Michael Griffin waved off the bout in the 7th round. Haye, who was attending the fight, stated that the outcome of the clash is the biggest upset since James Douglas dethroned Mike Tyson back in 1990 in Tokyo.

“This was probably the biggest upset since Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson,” said Haye to IFL TV.

“This was a sustained beating. For me, it was crazy situation to see Anthony Joshua get manhandled by someone so physically inferior to him. Just to look at him, you wouldn’t give him no chance whatsoever, but he showed that he’s got the heart. He’s got that,” said Haye about the chubby-looking Ruiz Jr.

“He’s the next Mexican superstar,” said Haye about Ruiz Jr. “Canelo has some fans. How many people in Mexico can relate to Andy Ruiz Jr? Look at him. You have to respect the heart. This guy didn’t come in shape, and he still did it.”

“You’ve got to give Andy Ruiz Jr. all the credit in the world. Everyone’s talking about how Anthony Joshua lost. Andy Ruiz won, and we should be praising this young man, who showed the world he’s #1. A lot of people believe he beat Joseph Parker when they fought. It was a close fight. It could have gone either way,” said Haye.

“I’m a huge fan of Andy Ruiz Jr. now. I’m looking forward to the rematch. If you thought this fight was big, we’ve got to get it back at Wembley. It’s got to be a football stadium. 20,000 isn’t big enough for this type of fight. We need at least 60-70,000 people for that fight, and Anthony Joshua has a point to prove in this fight,” said Haye.

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