De la Hoya hunting for a $700 million contract

Boxing promoter Oscar de la Hoya will try to make Ryan Garcia the first boxer in history with a $700 million contract.

21-year-old Garcia has an impressive 18-0 record took a shot at Oscar over the weekend, claiming Golden Boy Promotions has failed to get him the big money fights he feels he deserves.

“I called Ryan Garcia. We discussed it, we hugged it out and we’re gonna move on. It’s like when you’re married or you have a girlfriend, you have your little rifts here and there”, De la Hoya told TMZ and admitted that he is now focused on getting Garcia a contract that doubles the one Saul “Canelo” Alvarez signed with DAZN for $365 million. “Just like I got Canelo the biggest contract in sports history at the time, I can probably get double for King Ryan when the time is right — when he becomes world champion — when he has several more years under his belt.”


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