De La Hoya vs Belfort: Oscar De La Hoya’s media workout

With boxing Hall of Famer Oscar De La Hoya set to make his official return to the sport on September 11, taking on Vitor Belfort, De La Hoya held an open media workout which can be viewed in the video link above thanks to Fight Hub TV.

During the workout De La Hoya, 48, goes through a shadowboxing exercise before doing some mitt work. Following the workout De La Hoya took some questions from Ray Flores about his comeback.

“Just miss it, man. Just miss it,” De La Hoya said. “Call me crazy but I just miss getting hit. When I got pummeled by — I actually got my ass kicked by Pacquiao — I don’t think I was ready to retire because I never felt I was in wars like other fighters. Like, look, Manny has given us amazing fights and has been in wars so in boxing you’re just as old as how you feel. Yeah, I went through hell and back, treated my body wrong, but these last six months I feel amazing.”

Check out the full media workout and interview below

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