Demetrius Andrade KO’s Jason Quigley in the second round (VIDEO)

WBO middleweight champion Demetrius Adrade retained hsi wolrd title after a fifth consecutive successful title defence. The American KO’d his mandatory challenger Jaosn Quigley in the second round of the fight that took place in New Hampshire, USA.

Quigley was sent down to the canvas four times before referee Arthur Mercante decided to jump in and to wave the fight off.

The champ knocked down his 30-year-old opponent in the opening round, landing a massive right hand on the Irish’s chin.

The in the second Demetris managed to do the same twice, but the ref didn’t count the first one, because he couldn’t see Quigley’s glove touching the floor.

30 seconds before the end of the second round Andrade marched in and landed a massive combo on his adversary who was barely standing in the corner and Demetrius’ final blow came in out of nowhere, with Jason unable to continue.

Andrade is now 31-1 in his pro career, as he has secured a fight with some of the other champions the middleweight division has to offer.

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