Derek Chisora willing to bet his house on Dillian Whyte KO win

Derek Chisora knows pretty damn well what is like to fight both WBC champion Tyson Fury and the number one challenger Dillian Whyte.

Chisora, 38, has 2 loses to Fury and a pair of loses to Whyte, so you’d guess Chisora’s point of view on the upcoming title fight between the two Brits is probably the most valuable one.

Fury and Whyte are squaring off this Saturday night in London. The winner is going home as the WBC heavyweight king and even though the majority of boxing fans and pundits are predicting another Fury triumph, Chisora is not so sure.

“WAR” is a good friend with “The Gipsy King”, but according to him, Fury will be on the receiving end of a brutal KO that will make Dillian the new king.

“This is the whole reason we love boxing. The guys you think are not going to win, they win and suddenly you hold your head, ‘What happened? They won?’ It looks like it shocks you, but really and truly it doesn’t. I’m willing to put my house on it: I’m willing to put my house on Dillian Whyte knocking Tyson Fury out. … Tyson is my mate and I know he’s listening — Tyson, you’re going to get knocked out. That’s the only way he [Whyte] can win the fight.”

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