Different types of jabs (VIDEO)

Combat sports are just like life itself – before you learn to walk, you have to crawl. And before you start running, first you gotta know how to walk.

In order to do something right, you have to know the basics. The A, the B, and the C. The most underrated and the most important hit in all of the combat sports is the jab.

Image: БТА

You can have all the power, all the stamina, and all the goods, but if your jab isn’t worth it, you’ll have a hard time inside the ropes or the cage. A good jab can win you a lot of time and if you are able to throw it the right amount of times, your opponent will get anxious and he’ll start making childish mistakes.

Whenever you feel you don’t have to practice the jab or you think your hook is all you need, just remember this – “The right hand can take you around the block, but a good jab will take you around the world”.

Image: БТА

Here we’re showing you another great video by fightTIPS in which you can see 5 different types of jabs and the ways of landing them.

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