Eddie Alvarez controversial DQ loss overturned to “No Contest”

Eddie Alvarez’s most recent DQ loss at ONE on TNT 1 has been overturned to a no contest by ONE FC, a company official revealed yesterday.

The former UFC lightweight champion fought Iuri Lapicus on April 7th and unfortunately for him, he got disqualified in the opening round.

The ref stopped the fight and showed him a red card because of illegal punches to the back of the head, even though the replay showcased that it was not a rabbit punches.

A panel made up of 15 independent officials, plus One personnel, judges and referees, unanimously determined that illegal strikes to the back of Lapicus’ head did in fact occur, but they also determined that “a procedural misstep” by the referee happened when he halted the bout.

The panel, per One officials, decided Alvarez should have been given a warning instead of a red card, which ultimately ended the fight. As a result, the red card has been retracted and a yellow card has been issued in its place. The result of the fight has officially been changed as well.

“The King of Underground” is returning back to action on Wednesday in Singapore at One on TNT IV against Rae Yoon Ok.

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