Eddie Hearn confident Whyte will face Tyson Fury next

The English boxing promoter Eddie Hearn said he is expecting a fight between Dillian Whyte (25-1) and Tyson Fury (27-0-1) to take place after both Brits are done with their upcoming bouts.

The World Boxing Council ordered a fight between the two for the interim title, but “The Gypsy King” said he’d only participate in such a fight if the Diamond WBC belt is on the line, and not the interim championship.

“The Body Snatcher” is in training camp for his July 20 fight against Colombia’s Oscar Rivas (26-0) in London, as Hearn stated that the fight between the unbeaten Rivas and Whyte will probably be for the interim green and yellow belt.

Image: БТА

“It’s very likely that the Oscar Rivas fight will be for the interim WBC world title, and then we have confirmed we are happy to fight Tyson Fury next because he came out and said he will fight Dillian Whyte for the Diamond belt,” Hearn said to IFL TV.

“So, we wrote to the WBC, and said, ‘Great news, Tyson Fury will fight Dillian Whyte for the Diamond belt.’ So, we’re in for that now. After Whyte beats Rivas, he will become mandatory for Deontay Wilder. That’s what we requested, but Deontay will be allowed another fight in October or whenever he’s going to fight, and we’ll fight Fury next, and then after Dillian beats Fury, he’ll fight Wilder,” Hearn said.

WBC still hasn’t decided if Whyte-Rivas will be for the interim nor Fury-Whyte will be for the Diamond belt.


“We’re in,” Hearn said about Fury having recently agreed to fight Whyte for the WBC Diamond title.

“He said it in an interview. So, the World Boxing Council will write to him after this fight and say, ‘You’re now in the negotiation period for the Dillian Whyte fight for the Diamond title to happen next,’ Hearn said about the WBC potentially ordering the Fury vs. Whyte fight. “It’s an amazing fight.”

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