Eddie Hearn: I would love Wilder to step aside

Eddie Hearn is still thinking that Deontay Wilder could step aside so that Tyson Fury goes straight into a unification fight against Anthony Joshua this year.

That means that Wilder would be stuck on the sidelines waiting for an entire year for the smoke to clear from the two-Joshua-Fury fights…

It would be embarrassing, but I would love him to step aside,” said Hearn to IFL TV.

“I spoke to AJ the other night and said, “If you imagine that I would come up to you,” after AJ vs. Ruiz 1, and I come up to AJ and go, “AJ, they’ll give you a few quid to step aside.”

Image: bgnes

“Think about that conversation. How do you think that conversation would have gone? Something like “F*** right off. There’s not the amount of money in the world that you can give me,” and that’s what he said the other night. He said, “there’s not the amount of money in the world that you could have given me to not take that fight.”

“And if you take step aside money, you’re showing terrific weakness because you’re giving someone an opportunity to take what you should feel is yours without you getting an opportunity to win it back.”
“If you believe in yourself and you back yourself, you should never step aside. I can’t remember a time where I had to deal with a fighter to step aside,” said Hearn.

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