Eddie Hearn: We don’t have to give Ruiz an increase in pay

Andy Ruiz Jr. will be respected as a world champion for his rematch with Anthony Joshua, says Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn. However, the 29-year-old Ruiz Jr. might not get a bump in pay like he reportedly wants.

“They do have some questions, as I would expect them to have,” said Hearn to Fighthype about Ruiz and his management having questions about fighting Joshua in Saudi Arabia. “They already signed the contract for the rematch. That fight will be taking place. All the governing bodies have been written to by myself, and by Andy Ruiz’s promoter to confirm where the fight is taking place, and the date of that fight. Contractually, they are bound by that. He’s got some questions he wants answered, and he’s got some leverage as well,” said Hearn about Ruiz Jr.

“I think he wants his own plane for his jewelry that he bought since the fight,” said Hearn about Ruiz Jr, wanting more more money that what he’s supposed to get with the rematch clause for the Joshua fight. “So this is just the game of boxing. Contractually, he knows he’s completely bound into this fight. There are some things he may want in this fight. He wants some questions answered, which I would be asking the same questions as well. But like I said; both camps were written to the governing bodies to confirm the date and the venue for the fight. Of course,” said Hearn when asked if Ruiz wants more money for the rematch. “He doesn’t have to. He’s got a contract,” said the manager.

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