Eduard Aleksanyan claims the WAKO PRO European title

Bulgaria’s boxing and kyokushin multiple national champion Eduard Aleksanyan is the new WAKO PRO European champion (K-1) in the 81.4 kg category.

The 22-year-old Bulgarian defeated Serbia’s Ljubo Jalovi in one of the best fights of SENSHI 7. Aleksanyan had to earn his victory, as Jalovi fought a pretty solid fight. In the end, though, it wasn’t enough and the Bulgarian fighter KO’d his opponent in the championship round.

The beginning of the fight didn’t foretell the instant classic fight fans were about to get. It was a slow start for both of them as the only notable moment of the opening round was low and body kicks exchange.

As time passed by, the home crowd hero (even though there were no fans) started dictating the pace of the clash, but Jalovi’s plan to initiate a clinch kept the Serbian safe.

The tactical battle was over in the third round who started off with some big-time exchanges. The Bulgarian got hit with a masterful left high kick, but he replied right away with a barrage of heavy punches to the body. Aleksanyan did the same combo again seconds after that and Jalovi found himself knocked down.

Few could’ve expected the way the fourth round started. Moments after the bell, Aleksanyan got caught with a magnificent left high kick and the knockdowns got even – one apiece. The next couple of minutes Jalovi had the advantage and landed the better shots mainly with his left leg.

The final round produced world-class kickboxing by both men, but Aleksanyan was on another level. The Bulgarian youngster got inside and landed another portion of brutal left hooks to the body of Jalovi and the Serbian was sent to the canvas again. Jalovi’s stamina was almost gone and Aleksanyan went in for the kill with another great combination that left the referee with no other choice than to wave off the bout.

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