Elisabeth Clay vs. Thamara Ferreira title match set for Fight 2 Win 186

An exciting main event has been announced for the upcoming Fight 2Win 186 event that is set to take place on October 29 in Texas, US. Elisabet Clay will be facing Thamara Ferreira with the lightweight NOGI title on the line.

Ferreira is an European Open black belt champion who holds wins against top-ranking athletes, such as Claudia do Val, Kendall Reusing and Gabi McComb. But even though these successes came in the Gi, Ferreira is more than comfortable in performing at a top level in No Gi as well.

Clay, on the other hand, is more experienced in No Gi grappling than her opponent is. She won double gold at this year’s No Gi Pans and a gold at No Gi World Championships. She also never lost a match at a Fight To Win promotion.

Source: www.bjjee.com

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