FIAS is moving the anti-doping work online

The International Sambo Federation (FIAS) continues with its anti-doping work online during the coronavirus pandemic.

A series of webinars will be held in order to provide education to athletes, coaches and their support teams. All aspects of the anti-doping process will be covered, with the first webinar already exclusively taking place for members of the Sambo Union of Asia.

Forty-four people took part with information about the second webinar due to be announced shortly.

“The first webinar was launched on 20 of May for members of SAMBO Union of Asia exclusively. We welcomed 44 coaches, athletes and representatives of National SAMBO Federations. At the webinar we focused on current recommendations related to worldwide pandemic crisis and possible return on the SAMBO mats, key elements to stay fit physically and mentally, implementation of new medical rules such as needle policy or mandatory pre-event examination and many others. We also shared with the attendees the tips for online educational courses which are as well accessible from our website,” – Kamila Vokoun Hajkova, FIAS Project Manager said.


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