FIAS: Let’s Keep the SAMBO History Together!

International SAMBO Federation announces the global initiative “Let’s Keep the SAMBO History Together!”.

Although the martial art is still pretty young, can boast a colorfull and rich history that can be passed down from generation to generation.

FIAS is asking all sambists to share any archive photos or videos related to SAMBO by submitting them at a dedicated page on website.

The collected archive will form the basis for the Museum of SAMBO to be founded at the International SAMBO Center in Moscow. And the names of all the personalities featured in the granted materials as well as the names of their authors will enter the SAMBO chronicle forever.

“Many SAMBO wrestlers keep their private photo and video archives featuring various competitions, training sessions and camps, awards ceremonies and other events. This could be photos of team-mates, teams, or a snapshot taken in a gym or in a huge arena. Or could it be footage of a municipal-level tournament, regional competition, or international championships?”, states the International federation.

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