FIAS pays tribute to David Rudman

The International SAMBO Federation expresses its deepest condolences on the tragic death of David Rudman.

David Rudman will forever remain a legend of Soviet and world SAMBO. There were colossal work, the highest efficiency and sincere dedication to the cause behind his outstanding successes and achievements.

Mr. Rudman is known all over the world as the founder of the SAMBO-70 School, which has become a real forge of the highest level of sambists. Created as a small section of a comprehensive school, it eventually became the largest educational center, which is considered an honor to visit Hollywood actors, heads of state, famous scientists and athletes.

“King of the ground fight” David Rudman went down in history thanks to his outstanding sporting achievements: World SAMBO Champion, multiple champion of Europe and the USSR, Honored Coach of the USSR. David Rudman was and will forever remain an idol of youth, an example of a strong-willed person, for whom nothing is impossible.

After the end of his sports career, David Rudman made a significant contribution to the development of SAMBO around the world as president of the International SAMBO Federation (2005-2009), and then as honorary president of FIAS. He also wrote many books on the technique, history and philosophy of SAMBO, which have become teaching aids for many athletes and coaches.

The whole SAMBO community, lovers and connoisseurs of martial arts all over the world will forever preserve the good memory of the outstanding sambist, a sincere and wonderful person.

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