Fierro survives two knockdowns and wins by KO

Angel Fierro has provided a memorable performance against Alberto Machado with about a week’s notice for the fight.

Fierro (18-1-1, 14 KO) was knocked down twice by the former 130-pound titlist, but somehow managed to survive and turn things in his way long before all rounds have been played. He viciously attacked the Puerto Rican in the body and early in the sixth, Machado was dropped on a left hook from Fierro, and did not beat the count, giving the 22-year-old from Tijuana a big upset.

ESPN boxing guru Dan Rafael was stunned by the dramatic comeback victory.

“Whoa!!! Sick upset KO in rd 6 for Fierro, just absolutely DRILLED Machado with a bomb of a left hook to the chin,” he posted on Twitter.

“Goodnight!! Fierro had been down twice earlier in the fight and was losing.”

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