Fight 2 Win 143: Victor Hugo submits Fellipe Andrew

Fight 2 Win 143 has concluded after another exciting evening of matches, and the main event between Victor Hugo and Fellipe Andrew was everything it was hyped up to be.

Hugo started the match by pulling guard and transitioning immediately into an omoplata. Andrew was able to escape the omoplata, but Hugo wasted little time in attempting a flying armbar-triangle. For a moment it looked like the match might end there, but Andrew managed to defend long enough to avoid losing to the armbar. Hugo transitioned to a triangle, and seconds later, Andrew tapped out at about a minute and 40 seconds into the match.

The quick main event followed a co-main event that saw Nathiely de Jesus defeat Ana Carolina Vieira to take home yet another F2W belt.

Victor Hugo Submits Fellipe Andrew via Triangle (Becomes Super Heavy Weight Champ)
Nathiely Karoline defeats Ana Carolina Vieira via Split Decision (Retains Welter Weight Title)
Elisabeth Clay defeats Kendall Marie Reusing via Split Decision
Andre Gomes Submits Mike Anderson via Armbar
Erick Raposo defeats Danilo Moreira via Decision
Carlos Souza defeat Vinicius Carvalho Garcia via Split Decision
Diego Santana Do Espírito Santo Submits Hugo Mayer Lima via Toe Hold
Vinny Saenz defeats Estevan Martinez via Decision
Alejandro Siqueira defeats Jay Shellhammer via Decision

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