Fighting Rookies 5 set for November

The World Kickboxing Network has just announced its return to Germany.

The elite kickboxing league will be back with the fifth installment of ‘Fighting Rookies’ that is being scheduled for November 21 in Volkspark Halle (Saale).

The main event of the night is reserved for the home crowd hero Robert Varkentin who will face Peder Jepsen Mikenta from Norway.

Initially, ‘Fighting Rookies 5’ was scheduled for March but got postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

Varkentin and Mikenta will be fighting for the middleweight WKN European amateur title with the contest being scheduled for five rounds. The undercard will be including international kickboxing, boxing, and MMA.

The previous Fighting Rookies event was held in March 2019, when Ronny Kamenik defeated Luca Renzi and earned the WKN European welterweight amateur title.

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