Finnish Judo hires new national coach

The Finnish Judo Association has announced the hiring of the new head coach Rok Draksic.

The Slovenian is a two-time Olympian and former European champion, having won multiple medals from European championships. At top level tournaments, Draksic took medals at the Masters, Grand Slam, and Grand Prix tournaments

Draksic, who previously served as head coach of Bezigrad, Slovenia’s largest club, for two seasons completes the top-of-the-line strategy toward Paris 2024.

“Since last autumn, we have been applying for a rhythm change in national team coaching and concentrating resources in Helsinki. Through the bends, the head coach contract is now finally in place. Getting Rok to Finland is a great thing for the whole Finnish judo. He has a desire to take on the challenge and I believe that together with him, athletes will be able to take the required step to the next level. The aim is to create credible daily training conditions in Helsinki that meet international standards, ”says Jaana Jokinen, Coaching Manager of the Finnish Judo Association, about the background of the selection.


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