Five Bulgarian judokas will compete in Tel Aviv Grand Prix 2019

Bulgaria will be represented by five judokas in the upcoming Tel Aviv Grand Prix 2019, which will take place between 24th and 26 th of January in Israel.

Ivaylo Ivanov, gold medalist from Grand Prix Hague 2018, will compete in -81 kg category. There are 37 more competitors in his division. At the moment, Ivanov is ranked 15th in the world by IJF(International Judo Federation).

Bojidar Temelkov will perform in -66 kg category with 33 more participants from 5 continents. Yanislav Gerchev and Valentin Alipiev will aim for the gold in -60 kg category. Gerchev is ranked 25th in the world.

Ivelina Ilieva is our only female judoka that will take part in the tournament. She will compete in -57 kg weight class with 30 more adversaries. Ilieva is currently ranked 8 in the upcoming Grand Prix.

Ivaylo Ivanov will be the last Bulgarian to put a foot on the mat, while the other four will begin their matches in Thursday.

There will be 407 judokas from 54 countires in total.


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