Floyd Mayweather and Anderson Silva exhibitions completed in Abu Dhabi

Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition with old friend Don Moore went down today in Abu Dhabi, and it was definitely an exhibition for eight rounds of two minutes apiece, with no winner declared and it being obvious that Mayweather was giving somewhere between 16 and 57 percent at all times.

“Floyd, you did your thing. Respect,” Moore said. “He capitalized, he countered. I tried to mix it up with him, but he was the better man tonight. But I love you, bro.”

“Fun is what it’s all about,” Mayweather said. “I’m here to entertain, have fun. Don Moore is a great fighter, he’s undefeated. We’re both still undefeated. I love Don Moore. He will always be a champion in my heart.”

Asked what he might do next, Floyd said, “It’s a secret, I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag right now. But we have an opponent.” He said he’ll return to the UAE for that one, which is now expected to come on Saturday, Oct. 1, by the way. Mayweather didn’t mention that, but that’s what Global Titans Fight Series — the original organizers of last week’s postponed event, which became this week’s with different organizers — have set up already.

Mayweather vs Moore highlights

Anderson Silva exhibition Bruno Machado

They went eight, two-minute rounds at “heavy sparring” tempo. Machado did get dropped at the end of the fifth round when he was clipped, and Silva never really pushed for anything more than that.

This was clearly an emotional deal for Machado, who teared up a bit after it was over, thanking Silva for giving him the chance to share a ring with him and calling him an inspiration.

“When I fight, I try to copy him, I try to do the things he does. I love him,” Machado said.

Asked what he might do next, Silva said, “Maybe I will fight in a jiu-jitsu tournament,” referencing one coming up in Abu Dhabi.

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