Floyd Mayweather says he’s coming out of retirement in 2020

People reacted to Floyd Mayweather’s IG drop, his teases that he will be coming back in 2020, presumably to box again and also collaborating with UFC bossman Dana White.

That’s Floyd desire, to get people yakking.

The on-hiatus hitter last gloved up in an exhibition versus Tenshin at the end of 2018. Before that, he’d handled MMAer Conor McGregor, in a very effective cash grab which offered more sparks and flames in the lead-up than on fight night, in 2017.

So, he turns 43 in February, and if you see the all-time legend, he never puffs up. He always looks at or close to ring shape — but, we wonder, could he, would he, take on a challenge from a true young gun? Or would he choose a “Senior Tour” type challenge, against a Manny Pacquiao? Or maybe someone even lower on the chain than Pacman, who looked sharp and scrappy at age 40 against Keith Thurman.

Source: Badlefthook.com

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