Frank Warren won the purse bid for Warrington-Galahad

Frank Warren is the winning bidder in the purse bid for the IBF featherweight title fight between defending champ Josh Warrington (28-0-0) and mandatory challenger Kid Galahad (26-0-0).

The International Boxing Federation ordered the fight between the two brits. Warren, who’s representing champ, and Eddie Hearn, the promoter of Galahad, couldn’t negotiate the fight and therefore there was a bid.

Both promoters put up huge numbers, but Warren managed to secure bragging rights. His bid was $1.67 million which was 15% higher than the $1.444 million offered by Hearn.

Due to the new rules that IBF implemented earlier this year, the purse will be split in 65/35 in favor of Warrington, and not the usual 75/25 in favor of the champion.

‘The Leeds Warrior’ will earn $1,085,500, while Galahad will collect a check for $584,500.

The two parties have been given 15 days to arrange all the details around the fight and 90 days for the fight (to take place).


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