Friendly sparring brightened up the second day of KWU International Summer Camp

It is a rainy Day 2 of the KWU International Summer Camp in Kamchia, but that didn`t stop the fighters from doing what they love. As always, a way was found for them to conduct their morning training sessions, despite the heavy rain.

Some of the best kickboxing, muay thai and kyokushin fighters from all over the world gathered for another training session part of the KWU International Professional League. The head instructors of this one were the K-1 legends Peter Aerts and Ernesto Hoost. Their “partner in crime” Semmy Schilt was carrying the heavy burden of coaching his students at the ongoing KWU World Cup.

The session took place indoors, but despite the bad weather outside the fighters were full of energy and they all had big smiles on their faces. They were split in two groups and “Mr. Perfect” and “The Dutch Lumberjack” got to work.

Hoost warmed up his group with some bodyweight exercises, while Aerts kicked it off with some shadow boxing.

Both instructors worked in the same direction today – they both put heavy emphasis on working with combinations with many punches, kicks, knees and elbows. The focus was put on counter-attacking and work in the clinch.

Hoost and Aerts stressed on how important it is to finish your combinations with high kicks or low kicks.

In the end the fighters were mingled and paired up. Than the moment they all have been waiting for came – sparring! The goal was to apply what was taught during the session.

In the session there was a big number of female athletes and many juvenile and fighters, who got the opportunity to work with their elders and more experienced competitors that have proven themselves on the big scene.

Fighters from 28 countries take part in the training sessions of KWU International Professional League, which are part of the 15-th International Summer Camp in Kamchia. During the camp the ninth edition of elite fight nights SENSHI will be held.

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Photos by: Studio Lesseman

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