Full Fight: Kell Brook – Errol Spence Jr. (VIDEO)

Since there aren’t many news these days, we’ve decided to remind you all about one of the finest welterweight fight in recent times.

I’m assuming you’ve already read the title and if you haven’t watched that fight, now it’s the time to write the wrong.

Back in 2017, IBF welterweight king Kell Brook faced Errol Spence Jr. in what turned out to be a historic fight. The Brit had the home crowd on his side, as the fight took place in his home town of Sheffield.

Prior to the match, most of the people believed that the young Spence Jr. has slim to none chance of taking the belt away from the much more experienced Kell Brook.

It was one of those fights that produced arguably everything a boxing fan wants to see – good feet work, excellent combos and most of all brilliant defense from both fighters. Errol Spence made it clear as a daylight that he has arrived on the big stage, producing one of his best boxing fights ever.

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