Fury will fight Braun Strowman in Saudi Arabia

Former boxing champion Tyson Fury will be switching to professional wrestling for a day after agreeing to fight Braun Strowman in Saudi Arabia.

“The Gypsy King” already made his WWE debut a couple of weeks ago confronting the same opponent. Now he has reviled that he will actually fight Strowman on October 31st in a show in Saudi Arabia.

“How honoured I am to be here and be involved in such a massive event in Saudi Arabia. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me. This is something I’ve always dreamed of. I am lifelong WWE fan and this is a fantastic opportunity for me. When I go to Saudi, I am still going to be undefeated, I am going to knock Braun Strowman out. He’s meeting a guy who has the best hands in boxing. He doesn’t want none of these hands,” Fury said at a news conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday

Strowman said he will have the upper hand when Fury makes his wrestling debut. “Tyson heed my warning. In WWE we don’t wear gloves and you are coming into my world,” Strowman said.

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