Georges St-Pierre for Nate Diaz: What a comeback!

Recently Dana White had to admit that Nate Diaz is indeed a “needle mover” following the success of UFC 241. Diaz made a triumphant return to action after three years on the sidelines.

He outplayed Anthony Pettis and now MMA fights are like back in the good old days. 

Georges St-Pierre thinks exactly the same. Here it is what the legendary fighter said during a recent chat with Chael Sonnen”

“He’s an amazing character because he is so authentic. He doesn’t care about what he says, very authentic guy.”

“Now is the Conor McGregor era, and you see a lot of guys that try to mimic other guys that are more successful, in terms of their platform. They want it to become bigger. And it doesn’t work for a lot of them because they’re not authentic, but Nate Diaz is very authentic. He is a unique person and a unique character. That’s why people love him so much,” he added.

St-Pierre is impressed by Diaz’s performance against Anthony Pettis, out-working “Showtime” for three rounds to score a decision.

“What a comeback. After three years, I was not expecting that. I think he looked better than he ever did. It was amazing.”

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