Georgia launches the first Judo Fan Club

Georgia is a predominant country when it comes to judo. They are very active on social media as well; the Georgian fans are passionate about the sport. Thus, this is not a surprise to see that the first official judo fan club was launched in the country. They have developed an officially registered charter and programme. The ‘Georgian Judo National Team Official Fan Club’ signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Georgian National Judo Federation on 5th May 2021 and all concerned are looking forward to cooperating actively with the international judo community.

The initiative came from five Georgian judo fans: Lasha Demetrashvili, Koba Demetrashvili, Gela Dzabilashvili, Malkhaz Katsiashvili and Gurgen Oniani. It was actually created in June 2020. Today it counts already 50 members and keeps developing at a steady pace.

The founder of the fan club said, “Our goal is to make this fan club a regional organisation, first by opening new branches in different cities across the country and to have international contacts abroad, to develop activities. We really hope that this first initiative can become bigger and bigger in many countries around the world and we want to establish a close relationship with other fan clubs. We believe that this can help the promotion of judo.

The members of the club in Georgia are now offered the possibility to attend any international and local judo tournament. They can also purchase branded equipment.

“As judo becomes more popular among Georgian youth, young people become more interested in watching this sport. Georgian judo is top level because we have many talented athletes but watching judo events and attending the tournaments is still less popular than football matches. Our people know the Olympic Games and world championships, but local and other international tournaments are not that popular or well-known. We want to increase the interest in judo,” explained the founders.

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