Gervonta Davis knocks Leo Santa Cruz out cold in the sixth (VIDEO)

Gervonta Davis is the new WBA super featherweight champion of the world following his stunning win over Leo Santa Cruz last night in San Antonio, USA.

“Tank” KO’d his adversary in the sixth round with one of the most brutal uppercuts you’ll ever see. It was Davis’ PPV debut in his career and it was a performance for the ages as far as his fans are concerned.

From the opening bell, Davis grinded and launched that left uppercut, with the shot landing on some attempts and just missing on others. When he wasn’t launching that punch, he was working Santa Cruz’s body with power shots.

The first round had Santa Cruz pushing Davis to the ground in a gesture that Davis returned in the second, throwing all their mutual respect out of the window.

As the bout continued, the two champions took turns trading fire in electric sequences. However, every time Santa Cruz engaged in the phone booth, he left himself vulnerable.

The strategy blew up in Santa Cruz’s face in the sixth when Davis cornered him against the ropes, downloaded information in real-time and detonated that wicked left uppercut, which crumpled the Mexican fighter in a heap. Santa Cruz laid motionless, flat on his back for several tense seconds, before he slowly got up off the mat.

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