Glazing of the International SAMBO Center has begun

The first stage of glazing of the International SAMBO Center and Boxing Center is under construction in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium has begun.

According to ANO Development of Sports and Infrastructure Objects, the builders have started assembling the stained-glass racks of the SAMBO training hall, 9 racks have been mounted, reports “FIAS”.

A total of 102 solid 18-meter racks will be installed at the facility, and the total glazing area of ​​these areas will be more than 4,000 square meters.

In addition, at the moment, the installation of brackets with uprights on the facades from the TTC side has been completed by 36%, the installation of insulation has been completed by 28%.

According to the builders, the interior finishing work at the facility is proceeding according to the established procedure.

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