Glover Teixeira submits Jan Blachowicz to become UFC’s oldest first-time champion

The top of the UFC 267 billing was the setting where the promotion’s light heavyweight crown changed hands. At the age of 42, Glover Teixeira, submitted Jan Blachowicz in the second-round to become a world champion. After nearly 20-years as a professional fighter, Glover has finally reached the pinnacle of the sport. Teixeira is the perfect example of what’s possible by staying the course and never giving up. Glover has shocked the world!

Glover pressured early to close the distance, and was able to achieve a lifting takedown. He hung out inside the full guard of Jan, controlling the champ and scoring with small punches. He was even working the old school can opener. Blachowicz did not return to his feet.

Blachowicz was able to stuff the first takedown attempts from Teixeira in the second round, and was able to land a couple of punches. Glover closed the distance, but just couldn’t keep the champion there. In open space, Glover landed a clean left hook that staggered Jan, but Blachowicz responded with some firepower of his own. Teixeira then went back to the takedown, and was able to take the back. With Blachowicz flattened out, Glover sunk an RNC and forced the tap!

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