Golden Boy: Canelo has options, GGG can wait

The President of Golden Boy Promotions – Eric Gomez, who promotes the unified world middleweight champion Saul Alvarez (52-1-2), said that his client will be the one who calls the shots in terms of who he fights next.

The Mexican superstar is one of the most persuaded names in the world of boxing and he is finding himself in a situation where he can literally choose from maybe 10 names who he squares up against next.

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There is no doubt, that a third fight with former unified middleweight champ Gennady Golovkin (39-1-1) will be a huge event, as GGG already stating that he wants a third bout with Canelo.

According to Eric Gomez though, Canelo will be the one who makes the decisions, and not the Kazakh, even though a fight between them will be easy to make because of their contracts with DAZN.

“We’re going to do the third fight when Canelo wants to do it,’’ Gomez told Yahoo Sports on Friday.

“Is he interested in it? Of course. But there’s a lot of other fighters he’s interested in, too. There’s no big difference in what he will get paid for a GGG fight than for any other fight.

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“Money’s not an issue with Canelo. He wants to make history. Canelo’s in the position that he can pick and choose whoever he wants to fight. There are guys out there that are probably more deserving at this point than Golovkin.”

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