Gordon Ryan Takes On Kyle Boehm At “Who’s Number One”

FloGrappling has decided to bring back it’s latest brainwave, Who’s Number One, and set up a fantastic match for the main event, Gordon Ryan v Kyle Boehm. This event marks a great opportunity for Boehm to be catapulted into the forefront of submission grappling, just like Roberto Jimenez was when he edged out Keenan Cornelius in the first event. Fans are also lucky just to get to see this match in the first place, as the pair were originally set to meet at a Third Coast Grappling event set for 23rd May, but after that was cancelled due to Coronavirus, the fight was rescheduled for this event.

Boehm has been making a bit of a name for himself in the last year or so after starting out by winning the BJJ Fanatics brown belt invitational and being promoted to black belt after only four years of grappling. After that, he also won the second BJJ Fanatics invitational, this time overcoming some huge names like Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa and Aaron “Tex” Johnson. Meanwhile, Gordon Ryan should need no introduction as he cemented his position as one of the greatest No Gi grapplers of all time last year, winning double gold at ADCC 2019 and setting up a meeting with Andre Galvao next year.

While Gordon Ryan v Kyle Boehm has been announced as the main event, the co-main event also promises fireworks as Ryan’s younger brother Nicky takes on another prodigy in Tye Ruotolo. This is a match we’ve been waiting for since ADCC 2019 when the pair of young grapplers were competing there for the first time after they both impressed at the trials. Continuing the family theme, Tye’s twin brother Kade Ruotolo will face off against another John Danaher student, Ethan Crelinsten, who is coming off his biggest tournament win to date when he clean-swept JitzKing Miami.

Source: grapplingsider.com

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