Grand Slam Tashkent Top 5 Ippons (VIDEO)

The Tashkent Grand Slam event that took place at the beginning of March was the second competition for 2021 from the Grand Slam edition.

One of the finest judokas from all over the world touched down in Uzbekistan’s capital city looking to add to the Olympic qualification points and claim some silverware.

71 countries, 5 continents, and a total of 497 competitors took part in the event. The Internation Judo Federation has put a Top 5 Ippons that happened at the competition.

5. Ferdinand Karapetian (Armenia), -73 kg, 3rd place

4. Guillaume Chaine (France), -73 kg, 5th palce

3. Szabina Gercsak (Hungary), -70 kg, 7th place (W)

2. Krisztian Toth (Hunagry), -90 kg, 3rd place

1. Gulnoza Matniyazova (Uzbekistan), -70 kg, 3rd place (W)

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