Grapplefest 12 main card line-up

On Saturday, May 21, Grapplefest will return to action with one of the best submission grappling events of the year. The card features a number of elite competitors, including ADCC veterans Dante Leon and Jon Blank, ADCC qualifiers Kieth Krikorian, Ash Williams, and Eoghan O’Flanaghan, and fan-favorite Jacob “The Hillbilly Hammer” Couch.

View the current main card line-up for Grapplefest 12 below:

  • Dante Leon v Andy Varela
  • Ash Williams v Keith Krikorian
  • Jon Blank v Eoghan O’Flanagan
  • Jacob Couch v Tom Breese
  • Micheal Pixley v Owen Livesey
  • Jack Grant v John Hathaway
  • Pierre-Oliver Leclerc v Jack Tyley
  • Shane Fishman v Max Bickerton
  • Rosa Walsh v Sula Mae-Loewenthal
  • Dom Dillon v Dinu Bucalet
  • Tommy Yip v TBC
  • Jorge Valladares v Chris Short
  • Kate Bacik v Julia Scardone
  • Josh Roberts v Tom Barry

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