Hasim Rahman Jr intends to retire Jake Paul from boxing on Aug. 6

Ahead of his Aug. 6 fight with Jake Paul, Hasim Rahman Jr talks to Fight Hype about Paul making mocking videos about carrying the promotion for this fight and his plans to end Paul’s traveling circus. Check out some excerpts of what Rahman had to say about this fight and more below.

Rahman on his upcoming fight with Paul

“He’s gonna get seriously hurt, he’s gonna get seriously hurt in this fight. I’m gonna hurt this man and all the stuff he’s been saying is just fuel to the fire. He picked the wrong person and like I said, I’m gonna punish him on August 6th.

“He’s a fraud. He don’t even know what he be talking about, he don’t even know what he be saying. I don’t know if he got people to tell him what to say but he look stupid. How you gonna say you carrying the promotion but you not even giving me anything in return? What, I’m supposed to help you and do skits with you? I’m not into that. I’m not into none of that. I’m here to do my job, and my job is to separate him from his consciousness. So that’s what it’s gonna be on Aug 6.”

On going back and forth with Chris Eubank Jr

“Anybody that’s not with me, they’re against me. So they can get it too. Chris Eubank, I got a little brother, he fight at 154, you can get that work if you want it. We in Vegas, he be in Vegas, so that’ll be a big fight here. So he can get his ass kicked too, talking about ‘once you take care of Rahman.’ Take care of Rahman? Boy, you crazy. You can say bye to the Canelo or whatever the fuck you think it’s gonna set up, ‘cause I believe I’m gonna retire Jake Paul.”

On being taunted by Rolly Romero and if his brother could potentially fight him

“First of all, if we do anything with Rolly he has to undergo a mental health evaluation, because I think he’s not all the way there. Rolly would get slept. He calling out Errol Spence and just doing ridiculous stuff. Do you know what Errol Spence would do to you, boy? You crazy.

“I’ll have some words for Rolly when I see him in person. He live in Vegas so, you know, he came out his mouth incorrect and like I said, I’m real, so when I see him he’ll know wassup. We gonna see.”

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