Hearn: Canelos résumé speaks for itself

Eddie Hearn thinks Canelo Alvarez is in an impossible situation with his “haters”.

Hearn was responding to a meme that the 31-year-old Alvarez re-posted on his Instagram story showing how his critics keep “moving the goalposts.”

Eddie believes Alvarez’s credentials should make him impervious to criticism at this point.

“He’s a legend in the sport of boxing, Canelo Alvarez,” Hearn told IFL TV. “He fights champion after champion after champion.

“I saw his post the other day. If he fights Charlo, he’s ducked Bivol, if he fights Bivol, he’s ducked Beterbiev, if he fights Beterbiev he’s ducked Golovkin, he can’t win. But Canelo, his résumé speaks for itself. It’s difficult not to sound like a fanboy.”

Hearn said he can’t help but gush about his valuable client, noting he draws inspiration from the boxer.

“He is a bad mother—–,” Hearn said of his client. “His mindset is on another level. Sometimes being around people like that it’s like being around AJ same thing. Unbelievable mindset. It’s so energizing to be around people like that.”

“One of the reasons why I want to work with Canelo Alvarez is not just so I can promote big fights, it’s to be around greatness. I know it’s cheesy…Listen choose your circle wisely. The people you’re around reflect so much around the success of your life. Good energy is absolutely imperative to being happy, to being motivated, to being passionate. Being around greatness like AJ (Anthony Joshua) and Canelo gives you unbelievable energy to go on and achieve yourself.”

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