Hesdy Gerges to Rico: Don’t hide

Former GLORY heavyweight challenger Hesdy Gerges has accused the current champion Rico Verhoeven of hiding and ducking a fight with him.

Gerges, 36, and Verhoeven are not the best of friends since the champ had some critics for Hesdy in 2019.

The two exchanged words at the post-fight press conference following Rico’s TKO win against Badr Hari at GLORY Collision 2 last December.

Hesdy said that Badr Hari deserved the win in the rematch, but Verhoeven was having none of this and replied to him “shut the f**k up or otherwise put on your gloves.”

Here’s what Gerges had to say yesterday about the champion:

Currently, Gerges doesn’t have a contract with any major kickboxing organization, but that could change in the upcoming months.

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