Holyfield: Andy Ruiz Jr. can become world champion again

Evander Holyfield believes that Andy Ruiz Jr. can win another heavyweight world title. Ruiz has the ability to correct the mistakes he made in his loss to Joshua (23-1, 21 KOs) on December 7 in Saudi Arabia.

“Of course, it’s possible. Joshua became champion again, right?” said Holyfield to TMZ Sport. “He made an adjustment. People who make adjustments, their chances are still good. He’s young, and he has the chance to still do it.”


“He made some bad choices. When you make bad choices, you gotta be accountable. If you’re accountable, you can make adjustments. Go back to the work plan. Do what your daddy told you to do. All these years he’s been right. What makes you think he’s going to be wrong?” said Holyfield of Ruiz.

If Ruiz Jr. find the hunger that he had for his first fight against Joshua last June… Holyfield could be proven right.

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