Holyfield: Fury was given too much time after Wilder punch

Boxing legend and two-weight world champion  Evander Holyfield believes Deontay Wilder deserves way more credit for almost stopping Tyson Fury in their first meeting.

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“The Real Deal” knows a thing or two about fighting in major heavyweight fights and he knows what it’s like to find yourself on the mat or how to knock out your opponent in fashion.

A little bit more than a month before the rematch takes place, Holyfield spoke about the controversy surrounding the initial fight between WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and the lineal heavyweight champ Tyson Fury. The pair met in December 2018 in Los Angeles, but the bout ended in a draw.

Fury outboxed his American foe in the majority of rounds, but he got knocked down twice.

Still, Evander Holyfield doesn’t believe dominating the fight gives you the right to claim the victory if you’ve been given too much time by the ref to get up.

“My whole thing is I really like him cos he’s amazing but to me. He’s just like Deontay too, very confident and they got things they do well. Things they don’t do well but I kind of think that rules and regulations are very important to me. You should treat people equally,” Holyfield exclusively told World Boxing News speaking about the performance of third man Reiss.
“He was beating him the whole time, out jabbing the guy (Wilder) well. You were out jabbing the guy but Fury did get hit. He did fall down and you cannot give him that much time.
“It was just wrong. I don’t (want to) put down Tyson Fury I think he’s an excellent fighter. All this, but you cannot favor one fighter and say he was winning the whole time. What difference does that make?
“I remember watching the fight with John Tate and Mike Weaver. Tate won the fight 14 rounds and about 50 seconds and got hit with one shot, he killed him. That’s it, that’s boxing,” the former two-weight champion added.

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