How can you participate at the Sambo open Belarus?

The Open European SAMBO Cup for the prizes of the President of the Republic of Belarus will be held from 12 to 13 February in Minsk. Sambists from different countries will compete for tournament medals at the Chizhovka-Arena sports complex. Competition regulations are published on the FIAS website. Participants of the Open European Cup in Minsk should pay special attention to several points of the document.

Firstly, the registration of delegations is carried out only with the help of an electronic system: FIAS Database. The admission of athletes to competitions will be carried out only through this database.

Secondly, a coach who does not have a FIAS license, as well as registration in the FIAS Database and has not paid a membership fee for the current year, can attend the Open European Cup only as a spectator (he will not be allowed into the competition area).

Thirdly, at the tournament, the control of the form of athletes by the referees will be tightened. Participants whose form does not meet the requirements will not be able to perform on the mat.

As a reminder, the Open European Cup is included in the list of FIAS rating tournaments. The conditions for obtaining and the procedure for calculating rating points are carried out in accordance with the FIAS Rating for 2022. Read more:


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