How to clinch in Muay Thai (VIDEO)

In Muay Thai, there’s probably not a better way of closing the distance than the clinch. Unlike kickboxing, in Muay Thai clinching is not only allowed, but it is super essential.

Clinching basically means you can be hugging and pulling your adversary and still be able to land shots with your knees, hands, elbows or kicks.

If you are facing an aggressive opponent, the clinch is a great option to neutralize their attacks and close the distance. To hold your opponent, you have a variety of options such as the double collar tie, single collar tie, bear hug, or double underhook clinching positions.

Probably the most important thing that you should know about clinching is that it’s super hard to learn it the proper way and that the good clinch can save you in your darkest time inside the ring.

Here’s a great tutorial about the basics in Muay Thai clinch.

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