ICHIGEKI 2007: Dominic Adam – Alejandro Navarro (VIDEO)

This is a throwback to 2007 when the current European Kyokushin champion Alejandro Navarro from Spain faced one of the best Canadian Kyokushin fighters – Dominic Adam. The fight was part of the gala evening ICHIGEKIProfessional Karate Kyokushin League, that took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The weight limit of this fight was -90 kg.

Navarro cemented himself as one of the greatest karatekas in Europe. In 2009 he became a silver medalist at the World Championship in Chiba, Japan and in 2013 he claimed the gold medal at the World Championship in the -90 kg category in Tokyo.

He has won over 10 medals from European championships and cups, including the competitions in Varna in 2005 and 2018. Last fall Navarro showcased his brilliant skills at the 2nd European Kyokushin championship for men, women, and veterans of KWU in Varna, despite being 42.


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