Instant classic: Andy Hug – Peter Aerts, K-1 World Grand Prix ’98 Final (VIDEO)

The 6th annual K-1 World Grand Prix tournament was held in 1998. The location, of course, remained unchanged and once again Japan gathered the 8 most elite heavyweight kickboxers in the world.

Some of the finest fighter that ever lived managed to get to Tokyo in order to compete for the biggest award in kickboxing – The K-1 World Grand Prix.

Peter Aerts, Andy Hug, Mike Bernardo, Francisco Filho, Masaaki Satake, Ernesto Hoost, Sam Greco, and Ray Sefo all got to the quarterfinals where it was time to fight each other.

The last bout of the night was probably one of the most epic finals with two of the most glorious kickboxers – Peter Aerts and Andy Hug.

In case you’ve never watched this classic, now it’s your time.

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