Instant classic: Badr Hari – Peter Aerts 2008 K-1 WGP (VIDEO)

Today’s throwback brings us back to 2008 when the sixteenth edition of the K-1 World Grand Prix took place.

8 of the finest heavyweight kickboxers then touched down in Yokohama, Japan, for the biggest prize in pro kickboxing. Remy Bonjasky, Ruslan Karaev, Jerome Le Banner, Gokhan Saki, Peter Aerts, Badr Hari, Errol Zimmerman and Ewerton Teixeira all made it to the quarterfinals.

The date is December 6th and more than 18000 fans are witnessing history at the “Yokohama Arena”.

The very first 1/4-final features two of the biggest names in the history of martial arts – Peter Aerts vs. Badr Hari. Experience against youth. A three-time K-1 WGP champion and a young gun that was yet to make it to the final.

“The Dutch Lumberjack” and “The Golden Boy” have never met up to this point in a pro fight, with many fans and exeprts seeing the fight as “passing the torch”.

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